Charles de Agustin was the organizer/curator of NOFLASH 2020 and 2019. NOFLASH 2017+2018 were organized/curated by Charles and Ruby Ryan. NOFLASH was founded in 2016 by Charles, Ruby, and Jordan Rathus. Many, many more people have lent a hand throughout the years, credited on the programs from each year.

2016 – mission

NOFLASH was founded in 2016 by Jordan Rathus, Charles de Agustin and Ruby Ryan. Charles and Ruby were in their first semester at the Mason Gross School of the Arts when Jordan, their professor, offered them the opportunity to organize and curate a one-night event at the Torrance Shipman Gallery in Brooklyn. NOFLASH was created to fill the need for a social yet professional platform focused on emerging time-based artists and filmmakers, ranging from undergraduate students to working artists, while also aiming to transcend geographic and socioeconomic constraints.

2017 – inaugural show

The inaugural NOFLASH Video Show (“Bumblin’ Youngins”) occurred on April 8, 2017, at the Torrance Shipman Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Jordan wrote the following about the inaugural event, which has proven to help guide NOFLASH to where it is today:

Inside the essence of the “in-betweens” that live within the “|s” of “film|video|art” emerges Bumblin’ Youngins, an event serving as a social platform for the next generation of rising time-based makers. Students working today to create a new tide of thinking-tied-to-things meet for a salon-of-sorts at Torrance Shipman Gallery, an artist-run space that too evolved from a community of students wanting a place to continue to make and talk. Ruby and Charles enthusiastically accepted my challenge to curate a pop-up video show with the intention of building a broader community of fellow students of time. -Jordan Rathus

The inaugural NOFLASH featured work entirely by undergraduates at Rutgers University, The College of New Jersey, Columbia University, New York University and Pratt Institute, with live music performances by AGA and Spowder. Approximately 50 individuals were in attendance. View photos of the 2017 event here.

2018 – second annual show

Come 2018, the Torrance Shipman Gallery was no longer available, so Charles and Ruby had to find a new venue for NOFLASH. After desperately searching for an appropriate  and affordable space in NYC for way too long, NOFLASH was warmly embraced by the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey from the very first meeting with Thomas Sokolowski, director, and Amanda Potter, Curator of Education.

Below is what we wrote for the invitations to the event:

Please join us for the second annual NOFLASH Video Show: an evening of avant-garde short films by emerging artists from across the globe and in your own backyard. Hosted by the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, the show is coming up on Saturday, April 7, 2018 from 7-10pm and is free to attend.

The night will be focused on a main screening in two parts – U.S. and international – supplemented by a wide variety of moving-image installations (e.g. video art, animation, performance) and a live musical performance by Lightheaded. Refreshments will be served.

Come prepared to be inspired, challenged, and anything but bored: these emerging time-based artists are making some of the most formally and conceptually innovative work out there today, and we hope that you come with friends to experience it all with us (please note that some works are not suitable for children).

Submissions were from 20+ countries and no longer limited to undergraduates; the majority of submitted and selected works were from working artists. Out of 748 submissions, 25 were official selections (3.3%). There were over 150 people in attendance, including 9 of the 25 participating artists. There was a live musical performance by lightheadedView photos of the 2018 event here, including the program (work/artist names, event credits).

We also co-hosted and curated a smaller event in 2018 with the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program Artists’ Collective called “Time-Based Art from Rutgers & TCNJ,” featuring a screening of various shorts and a Q&A. Learn more here.

2019 – third annual show

See the 2019 program here. See photos from 2019 here. NOFLASH 2019 featured 28 works from 11 countries, in three avant-garde short film programs – Corporeal Considerations, Autobios & Animations, and Pensive Portraiture – as well as a popup video art exhibition, and a reception with live music by Clark. Sponsored by the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, Rutgers Filmmaking Center and Mason Gross Student Governing Association.

2020 – fourth annual show, restructured as livestream due to pandemic

All 2020 info is here.